Benevento's Saffron

Italian Saffron
Bio, Good for your healt, First category.

In stigmas

Our saffron sold in fimaments (stigmas) is a guarantee of purity.The flower collected early in the morning still closed is dried the same day in order to preserve the fragrance for a long time.

The saffron flower

We collect the flowers of our saffron early in the morning when they are still closed. Once collected, we separate the stigmas (the three red filaments) from the rest of the flower and dry them at the moment.


Our saffron is grown respecting nature, with organic method. The soil, the climate and the dedication to following the plants allow us not to use any type of chemical product to grow our saffron. So we can
guarantee you a 100% natural product.

Good for your healt

Saffron has been known as a healing spice since ancient times. Discover the countless properties.
In particular it has been defined the spice of good humor. In addition to saffron we have prepared, using only local products, jams and herbal teas that will brighten your days.Discover our products at Km 0, grown with care and in small quantities.


We have decided to resume the cultivation of saffron in Benevento to add this spice to the consolidated food excellences of Campania and Sannio. We intend to support the new saffron growers who want to start in Campania.